Sino-Platonic Papers

If you're having technical problems viewing material on the site, please try the following workarounds.

Some issues of SPP are book-length works with large file sizes. Thus, they may download slowly, especially if you are trying to access the file from a country with strong Internet controls (e.g., China).

Sometimes difficulties opening PDFs are associated with particular versions of Web browsers. So if you are unsuccessful with, say, Chrome, you may wish to try Firefox or Opera.

Regardless, what will almost always work is, while on the SPP website, to right-click on the file name and choose to save the file to your computer.

Once the PDF file has finished downloading to your hard drive, open it. If you still have difficulties, check to ensure you have a recent version of the Adobe [PDF] Reader. Note: The Adobe site will also ask if you also want McAfee Security Scan Plus. McAfee is not necessary and perhaps should be avoided.

If none of those methods succeed, you may wish to